Saturday, 3 December 2011

Getting gradually closer to installing...

After watching smooth, well contstructed videos on I'll miss them when it comes to time to subscribe. One or two are free but not many. I've just discovered another one or two on . The one on installing Drupal 7 begins by stating assumptions: you have done XYZ, then shows the "install" button being pressed and comments on the things that are a bit changed on the admin layout of Drupal 7 compared to Drupal 6. Now if I was making a video about how to go to the moon I could cut to the person at NASA pressing the "launch" button but it would not help those thousands of DIY-ers with bits of old rocket in their back yards trying to get started. I think my French teacher at school was like that in his lesson plans, but he did amuse us by being called Mr Willey so in a rambling way there was a positive side.

If Aquia are slick and wrote this installer, I guess they have pages and forums about installing it - maybe now that I am closer the 44 unanswered posts about things that go wrong will not be so daunting. Maybe the next stage is more like NASA and the rocket.

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